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  • What is home care?
    Home care encompasses a wide variety of services including regular housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance with transportaion, bathing and/or dressing. Home care can also consist of short-term assistance after hospital stays. Home care agencies often provide various home care services for the elderly and people with disabilities. Genesis-Three Home Care employs trained home care aides to provide these services and more to you or your loved ones.
  • How do I choose a home care provider?
    Call us or complete the form on the Contact Us page and inform us what services you need. Our Home Health Coordinators will contact you for a free consultation and pair you with the perfect Home Health aide(s) to suit your needs. The person needing care, as well as their family should all be involved in the decision making and selection of a home care aide.
  • Why Should I Choose Genesis-Three Home Care?
    Genesis-Three Home Care provides caring, reliable support to you or your family member in the home. Our aides are trained profesionals. Genesis-Three home care aides have an important stake in their work and their futures and take great pride in providing excellent care for each client. All aides receive excellent benefits including health insurance, transportation, and higher-than-average wages. Our most important value is providing excellent care. Genesis-Three Home Care collects client surverys to ensure all our clients are completely satified with the home care services they are receiving.
  • How will I pay for these home care services?
    Services are covered by some state and private insurance companies. Genesis-Three Home Care will help you explore ways that may help you pay for home care services. Additionally, for information on long term living services available through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you can go to the following web site: Please contact us at if you have any questions about the costs and options involved with home care services.
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